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Financial Support Services

Budgeting can be challenging for a lot of people.
Balancing what you earn with paying your rent, bills, buying food and looking after your health and wellbeing can be tricky at times.  If you are struggling to make ends meet then the following services may be able to assist. 

Financial Advice

The following services can work with you to help you budget your money more effectively, or assist you with a plan for paying off debts.

Community Savings Jersey 

Community Savings is not a bank.  It is a charity which aims to support those in the community who are financially or socially disadvantaged.

Community Savings operates not unlike a credit union but has developed into what is believed to be a unique operation.  They provide basic account facilities and a pre-paid debit card but also offer support through their budgeting and mentoring services.  In certain circumstances they provide emergency funding loans at low rates of interest or even grants.  Community Savings also deliver a school education programme and are part of the Prison Rehabilitation service.

Visit their website by clicking here or find out more by watching their YouTube clip about their services:

Jersey Citizen's Advice 

Jersey Citizen's Advice provide independent, confidential and impartial advice that Islanders need for the problems they face.  This advice covers a wide range of topics including Money and Debt, Housing, Family and Relationships and Legal matters. 

If you would like assistance understanding different benefits, planning a budget or managing debts then you can visit their website here or call into their offices at:

St Paul's Centre, New Street, St Helier, JE2 3WP

Food and Household Items Assistance

If you are unable to afford basic food or household provisions then one of the following charities may be able to assist you.  To find out more from their websites, click on their charity name and you will be redirected to their web page.

Grace Trust

As well as a drop-in centre for people who need someone to talk to or just want to enjoy a bit of company, the Grace Trust also offer people who are struggling the opportunity to join them for a 2 course Saturday lunch.  

They provide a food bank and grocery delivery service, supplying basic foodstuffs, soup, beans, pasta etc. and where possible, cleaning and toiletry products to those most in need. 

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Cafe is located in Minden Place and are open to the public on weekdays.  They offer free soup to people who are unable to afford food.

They assist with redistributing clothing, blankets and duvets from their charity shop to people in need.

For those in financial difficulty moving into a new home, The Salvation Army can assist with Starter Kits.  These include useful items such as an iron, kettle, toaster, ironing board etc.  There is an application form to complete to determine eligibility. 

Caring Cooks 

One of the services offered by Caring Cooks is a Weekly Meal Service.  This service is designed to support vulnerable families through hardship and allow them to eat well and eat together, at least once a week, without the worry of having to cook or spend money on ingredients.  To find out more about this service, please click on the link above.



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