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Writing a Personal Profile

Your personal profile is one of the first sections of your CV that a recruiter will read, therefore it is important that you use this statement to tell them what you are looking for, as well as showcase your strengths and skills.

Writing a Personal Profile

Your profile should be tailored for each different job you apply for to reflect the skills and competencies required for that job, which will be detailed on the job description.  Try to avoid using words or phrases such as good timekeeper, works well individually or as part of a team, reliable - these are qualities that an employer would expect you to have, not that set you apart from others!


- Keep your personal profile short and professional - it is not a substitute for a cover letter

- Be positive - focus on what you can do, your skills and what experience you have

- Make it relevant and avoid unnecessary information

Use the language from the job description - are there any key works in the job description that you can pick out and bring into your personal profile?

- Be honest about your skills and experience - do not be tempted to lie in any part of your job application as if you are successful for interview, this will be obvious to the recruiter

- Give examples to highlight your skills



To help you get started, we have written some examples of personal profiles for different employment sectors.  Rather than copy these, we suggest you write your own to highlight your skills and experience. 

Hospitality Example

I am an enthusiastic, professional and courteous waiter with an excellent track-record in the local hospitality industry. I am a friendly individual with a great passion for food; I enjoy socialising with people, and my exceptional customer service skills have earned me the award of “Employee of the Month” twice in a row. I am seeking a similar role in a busy restaurant where I can advance my skills further.

Retail Example

I am a mature, positive and customer-focused individual, who always strives to achieve the highest standard possible, at any given task. In my previous role as a Sales Assistant, I demonstrated the ability to work under intense pressure, up-sell products and services, handle customer complaints and solve problematic situations as and when they arose. I was promoted twice for exceeding our branch sales targets. I am looking for a similar role with increased responsibility and opportunity to progress within a management team.

Admin Example

I am a highly adaptable administrative assistant with four years’ experience working in offshore trust and finance offices. My attention to detail and exceptional organisational skills means that every task is completed efficiently and to the highest possible standard; I am regularly complimented on the accuracy & presentation of my management reports. I have a calm and patient disposition, strong communication skills and find it easy to interact with colleagues. In my next role, I am looking to take on new challenges and additional responsibilities.

If you would like help writing your personal profile, speak to your Employment Coordinator.

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