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Finding paid work can be a challenging process, but it is also an exciting opportunity to seek out organisations and jobs that suit your interests, experience and skills.

Prepare for success

To increase your chances of being successful you will need to dedicate time and effort to your job seeking.  By setting yourself realistic employment goals, attending regular job clubs, asking for help from the job club staff and following our job seeking tips you are more likely to secure work.

Be kind to yourself

It is important to remember to be kind to yourself too - job seeking can be stressful so take time to do something you enjoy and that helps you relax.  Do not be disheartened by unsuccessful interviews or rejections - although it can be hard, the experience of applying for different roles and attending interviews will help you in the long run, especially if you gather feedback and work on addressing any gaps in your skills and experience.

Use your support network

While searching for employment, it helps to have a strong support network around you.  JET is here to help guide you in the right direction and to assist you with all aspects of your employment search.  In order for us to do this, it is important to keep your Employment Coordinator up to date with jobs you apply for, upcoming interviews and feedback you get, as well as any offers of employment that you receive.

Read our advice and guidance

This section of the website provides advice, guidance and tips on looking for and applying for work.  It also gives support for interviews, as well as checklists for starting work and maintaining your health and wellbeing when in employment.

If you are unsure what career path you might want to take, why not try out the Barclays Life Skills 'Wheel of Strengths' for some ideas?

Barclays Life Skills - Wheel of Strengths

If you have any questions on any sections of the website, or wish to discuss a specific area in more detail, please contact your Employment Coordinator.

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