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Driver Theory

Having a driving licence can be useful for specific jobs that require you to drive, as well as making it easier for you to get to and from work.  In Jersey, to obtain your Driver's Licence you will need to pass a theory and a practical test.  

Driver Theory Training

JET can assist clients with Driver Theory test preparation.  Here, you will get support and guidance as you go through the questions you need to learn in preparation for your theory test.  We also have online Driver Theory practice questions and practice tests that you can use during job club at Kensington Chambers. 

If a few clients wish to prepare for the test at the same time, we can offer small group sessions at either our Oakfield or Kensington job clubs.

Jersey Library also has resources and facilities for studying towards the Driver Theory test.

Jersey Highway Code

You can also download the Jersey Theory Test app and the Jersey Hazard Perception app through the app store on your phone or other personal devices.  

There are limited spaces in our Driver Theory training sessions, so if this is something that interests you, please speak with your Employment Coordinator who will check availability for you. 

Booking your test

Once you are confident that you know your Driver Theory, you may want to think about booking your test.  There is more information about the Jersey Driver Theory Test and a link to booking it below: 

Driver Theory Information

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