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Service Charter

Jersey Employment Trust's Service Charter sets out the nature and quality of service that you can expect from us at JET whether you are a service user, a supportive employer or partnership agency.

Below you will find the Charter, which includes our various policies.  This outlines what you can expect from JET as a service and what we expect from you, the client.   

Equality and Diversity

The Trust seeks to promote equality of opportunity and treatment for all persons in relation to all of its activities, such as employment training and employment support for service users, employment of JET staff, and liaison with employers and other agencies.  We will accommodate diversity, ensuring our workforce and user groups represent and reflect the community in Jersey.

As Jersey is following a phased approach in implementing protected characteristics of the Discrimination (Jersey) Law 2013 over a number of years, the Trust has taken the decision to adhere to the spirit of UK legislation and guidance on best practice; this is reflected in JET’s own Equality and Diversity Policy.   

Measuring Performance

It is important for us to continually measure and evaluate our performance to ensure we meet the best possible service standards. 

We will measure our performance through:
  • Evaluating and monitoring our services in relation to the rights set out in the Service Charter
  • Working with user groups to ensure we monitor our performance

This charter has been developed in partnership with service users, staff and partner agencies.  JET uses active risk management throughout the company and operations. The charter will be reviewed every 2 years. Other JET policies to refer to include:

Data Protection Policies                    

Equality and Diversity            

Whistle Blowing Policy

Safeguarding Policy                          

Client Agreement                   

ICT Client Policy

Health and Safety                              

Smoking Policy                      

JET Quality Assurance Standards                                                    

Complaints and appeals 

Some of our Policies are available to download from our JET Admin page, or are available on request by contacting us directly.

Copies of this Charter can be made available on request in accessible and alternative formats.

Client Agreement

In order to provide clients with the best possible service, we have a set of mutual expectations, which can be found below:

What we expect from you:
  • Respect for other service users, staff, resources and facilities
  • Adherence to safe and healthy work practices and policies
  • Sign up to the Client Agreement
  • Participate in reviews and overall service evaluation
  • Provide up to date and accurate information about yourself
  • Provide feedback to allow us to sort problems out informally in the first place and as soon as possible
What you, the client, can expect from JET:
  • Dignity, confidentiality and respect
  • Access to appropriate training and employment opportunities
  • Accurate information in order to make informed choices
  • Safe and healthy working practices and policies
  • Long term employment and training support appropriate to your needs
  • Opportunity to communicate, express opinions, be consulted and listened to
  • Links with other relevant services
  • Timely response to feedback to enable us to sort out possible problems as soon as possible
  • Active and ongoing risk management


JET wants to know your views of our service and welcomes all feedback in any of the following ways:

Tel: 01534 788900


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