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Health, Disability & Inclusion Support Services

Living with a health condition and/or disability can be difficult, but there are plenty of bespoke support services in Jersey who can offer specific advice, guidance and support to individuals and families.
To find out more about each service, click on their name and you will be directed to their website. 

Health, Disability & Inclusion Support Services

The following services are listed in alphabetical order.  If you know of any services that we have missed out, please tell your Employment Coordinator and we will add them to our directory. 


ADHD Jersey

ADHD Jersey was created by people with ADHD to offer support to those who at times feel unable to cope with daily stressors, despite others around them managing perfectly well.  Visit their Facebook page HERE.

AllMatters Neurodiverse Jersey

A private Facebook group relating to neurodiversity.


Autism Jersey

Enabling people on the autism spectrum to achieve their potential by advocating for an inclusive community and providing personalised services to individuals, families and carers. 


Dementia Jersey

The Dementia Jersey team are there to point you in the right direction and offer every support they can to people with dementia, family, friends and carers.  Visit their website for more information and advice on the symptoms and diagnosis of dementia and tips for people living with or affected by dementia, or click on the link below for an overview of their services.

Dementia Jersey


Enable Jersey

Enable Jersey, previously the Jersey Society for the Disabled, believe that disability matters to everyone in society. As a charity, they have a proud 50 year history of supporting anybody affected by disability in Jersey, including family members, friends and carers. To find out more about their services, including Enable Connect, Enable Wellbeing and Enable Voice, click on the link below:

Enable Jersey



Jersey’s only charity focused solely on supporting Islanders with sight impairment.  Eyecan work closely with all age groups, from infants through to the elderly, enabling people with a sight impairment and their families to benefit from social events, activities and tailored support.


Headway Jersey

Headway Jersey provides free support, information and services to people with a brain injury, their families and carers.


Jersey Adult Autism Service

This service is available for adults with a Diagnosis of Autism and any professional or carers who may want advice.  To find out more, click on the link below:

Jersey Adult Autism Service

JAAS Leaflet 2021


Jersey Brain Tumour Charity

Help, support and information for those affected by brain tumours. 


Jersey Deaf Society

Assist the local dDeaf community to gain equal access as hearing residents through services such as social activities, communication and home safety equipment, access to Adult Education and by providing awareness courses to service providers and voluntary organisations. For information about some of the services available, click on the YouTube video below:

The dDeaf Partnership Board was established in March 2006.  It is a forum for various agencies who provide support to:

  • dDeaf people
  • those who are hard of hearing
  • parents / carers of dDeaf people and those hard of hearing


Jersey Eating Disorder Support (JEDS)

A registered local Jersey Charity providing support for those affected by eating disorders and their families and friends.


Jersey Mencap

Jersey Mencap supports children and adults with a learning disability. 



Liberate’s mission is to support those who identify as part of a minority and/or historically excluded group (“Minorities”), their families, friends and associates living in the Channel Islands.


Macmillan Cancer Support Jersey

Macmillan Cancer Support Jersey offers free emotional support, practical information and group support to people in Jersey with any type of cancer and at any stage, along with their families and friends. 


Oxygen Therapy Centre

Provide support and rehabilitation for people in Jersey who are living with various chronic conditions such as MS, Fibromyalgia, ME, Chronic Pain and Fatigue.


Pain Support Jersey

A charity run by and for persistent pain sufferers, offering practical help, friendship and encouragement.  Their sessions are led by pain specialists from the Pain Management Centre at Overdale Hospital.


St John Ambulance Carer Support Programme

The free Carers' Support Programme is for informal carers who are caring for a friend or relative in their own home. St John Ambulance also welcome volunteers who care for people within the voluntary sector to take part in this course.


Stroke Association

Jersey Stroke Recovery Service provides practical advice, emotional support and high-quality information following a stroke.  Whether you are a stroke survivor, carer or family member, they will work with you to identify and address your physical needs through a personalised plan, and support you to rebuild your life after stroke.


Trans* Jersey

Part of the charity Liberate, Trans* Jersey offers support to people who identify as trans man (FtM), trans woman (MtF), intersex, gender non-conforming, and any other gender variant identity that does not fit the social binary model of male (man) and female (woman). We are a central support, resource, advice and referral service for any Islander exploring their gender or seeking help to transition.


The Association of Jersey Charities website has a comprehensive list of local charities, support services and groups  that you can access for help and advice.  To find out more, click on the link below: 

Association of Jersey Charities

Advocacy Services

Advocates support people to speak for themselves, make their own decisions and have control over their lives.  The following service supports people to make their voice heard:

My Voice

Their mission is to support people who are severely affected by mental illness or lacking capacity.  My Voice employs a team of specialist mental health advocates who work across Jersey.  Their specialist national training and skills enable their advocates to work with individuals with the most complex needs.  

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