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Change in Circumstances

If you receive any type of Income Support benefit you will need to complete a Change in Circumstance (CiC) form when you get a job, leave a job or change employment.  It is important that you complete your CiC as soon as you can to make sure Customer and Local Services do not underpay or overpay your Income Support benefits.  

Starting a new job

If you are starting a new job, you will need the following information:

  • Employment start date
  • Type of contract (permanent / temporary / fixed term / zero hour / seasonal / term-time)
  • Gross pay, before any deductions such as tax is taken away
  • Date you will receive your first pay
  • Dates your first pay covers
  • How often you will be paid (weekly/fortnightly/ every four weeks/monthly)
  • Date of your regular pay day
  • Whether your pay includes rolled-up holiday pay and if so, at what rate


Once you have provided your information, your Income Support Claim will be adjusted to take into account your earnings. 


Finishing a job

When you finish a job, you will need your employer to provide the below information in writing:

  • Reason you left work
  • Last day that you worked
  • Final pay date
  • Final pay period (dates from and to)
  • Gross amount of final pay received (including additional pay e.g. holiday pay, pay in lieu of notice and overtime)


It is important that you provide this information as soon as you finish your job, otherwise your entitlement to any benefit may be affected. 


Completing a Change in Circumstance form

You can complete the form online, over the phone, or in person at the Customer and Local Services Office. Further information and a link to completing the Change in Circumstance form can be found on the Government of Jersey website via the link below:   

Change in Circumstance Information

Changes in salary

You are also required to let Income Support know if you receive an increase or reduction in your salary as this can also affect your Income Support claim. This may result in you being overpaid and having to pay money back again.  You can do this by contacting the Income Support Department by phone, email or in person. 


Speak to your Employment Coordinator if you need any help with your Change in Circumstance form. 

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