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Skills Matrix

A Skills Matrix is a very useful tool to help you realise and understand the skills you have developed throughout your life and your previous or current employment.

You can use these examples to help you prepare interview answers.  

Completing a Skills Matrix?

The Skills Matrix is a document where you can record examples of situations you have dealt with or achievements and successes in your work or personal life.  It doesn't matter whether you feel they are small or big achievements, as long as they are personal to you and you are happy to talk about them. 

Click on the link below to download the Skills Matrix template, which gives an example of how to complete it.  

Skills Matrix

Try completing a Skills Matrix on your own first and see what examples you can come up with - you will often find that when you start thinking about it you come up with lots of relevant experiences you can refer to.  You should consider examples from your previous employments, your life experiences and your education to give you more choice of answers for your interview.  We have given you an example to help get you started. 

Once you have some ideas, you can talk these through with your Employment Coordinator who can help you develop these into more robust interview answers.   

Please ask your Employment Coordinator if you require any help completing your Skills Matrix.

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