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Health and Safety

Health and Safety is about a company putting measures in place to stop staff from getting injured or becoming ill through work.

It is the company's duty to protect its employees' health, safety and welfare at work - how they do this is detailed in their Health and Safety Policy. 

Health and Safety responsibilities

When you start a job, you should receive information about the organisation's Health and Safety Policy. Depending on the type of company you work for and the company's business activities, you may have additional policies that relate to Health and Safety, for example people working in construction may also need to be aware of how to work safely with cement or asbestos, or have specific rules around Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) they must wear to work. 

As well as the employer, all employees have a responsibility to behave in a safe and appropriate manner in work and to look out for themselves and their colleagues. 

The Government of Jersey has produced some general Health and Safety advice and information which you may find useful to help you understand more about your role in keeping yourself and your colleagues safe.  To access this information, click the link below: 

Health & Safety Information

If you have any questions or concerns about Health and Safety in your workplace, you should speak to your line manager about this. 

Understanding Health and Safety 

Some employers like to check their employees have read and understood the Health and Safety policy by asking them to complete online learning and answer questions about various areas of Health and Safety.  Depending on where you work and the job you do, this could include things such as manual handling, dealing with spillages, ensuring equipment is well-maintained and suitable to use, safe handling of chemicals and hazardous substances and many more.

You may also have to undertake e-learning around safety procedures, such as fire training or risk assessment development. 

If you need help completing this, you can ask your line manager or speak to your Employment Coordinator.  If your e-learning is online, you can access this at our Kensington Chambers job club. 

Health and Safety Courses

To help enhance your employment opportunities you could improve your Health and Safety knowledge through completing online or local courses.  Please speak to your Employment Coordinator who can help you find one that is tailored to what you are looking for.

If you are employed, depending on where you work and the type of job you do, your employer may ask you to attend specific courses related to Health and Safety. If you feel you may require support to attend a course, please speak to your Employment Coordinator. 

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