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Coding Skills

In order to get a computer to carry out certain functions or behave in a certain way, it needs to use a programming language – this language is called code. 

How does code work?

Each line of code tells the computer what specific function it needs to perform.  Many lines of code together, known as a script, enable a computer to carry out a specific task such as play a sound, use a camera, create a document, change pages on a website or even clicking ‘like’ on a social media post.   

Nowadays, lots of jobs and business processes rely on computer software to make them run effectively.  This software is developed and kept up to date by coders.  As well as helping develop skills towards a career, learning to code can help improve your problem solving, creativity, communication and project planning skills.  Check out the YouTube video below to find out more about coding:



Learning the basics

Why not try out some basic coding to see how you get on?  Code, Google Garage or Barclays Digital Eagles courses are great places to get started with code - to find out more click on the links below:


Barclays Digital Eagles

Google Garage

For more coding courses, click on the links below:


For more information about courses and digital skills or careers, please speak to your Employment Coordinator. 

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