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ECDL is the short name for the European Computer Driving Licence.  This is a widely recognised qualification that enables people to certify their computer literacy and digital skills to a recognised standard.

What level is ECDL?

The ECDL course and qualification is available at 3 levels; basic, intermediate and advanced.  There are 18 modules that a person can study. These include: Computer Essentials, Word Processing, IT Security, Project Planning, Digital Marketing and Data Protection.

You can read more about the ECDL qualification by clicking on the link below:

ECDL Qualification Information

Where can I study the ECDL?

If you are a member then you can access study materials for the ECDL at Jersey Library for free, but there is a fee if you want to take the exam to gain the qualifications.  There is also an option to study at home, but this costs around £65 to sign up for.

If you are interested in undertaking any of the ECDL programmes speak to your Employment Coordinator who can help you look into this. 

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